Can I upgrade my Mac to Mountain Lion (10.8) ?

I know that this isn’t necessarily VM related — but I’ve had several people ask if their Mac was “Mountain Lion Worthy.” So, here you go:

1) Get your Mac Serial Number:  Click on the (Apple Logo) at the top-left had side of your desktop.  Then, choose “About This Mac” — Now, click the “More Info…” button.   Additional information will be displayed, including your Mac’s serial number.

Depending on your OS, you may need to look through the “System Profiler”  — Choose the “Hardware Tab” and you’ll find it.

2)  Go to one of these sites and get additional information about your mac.  Just type in your serial number.

Apple Serial Number / Warranty Lookup:

3rd Party Site that gives you MUCH more information about your Mac:

3)  Now verify that your system meets the minium Hardware AND Software requirments.  Check here for the Mountain Lion Requirements:

You also might want to BURN/ISO your copy of Mountain Lion BEFORE you complete your upgrade… See more here: WILL need this if you ever want to install Mountain Lion from a fresh/bare install…. OR attempt to run in a VM… 😉


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