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So you’ve just finished up your VCP5 Certifications, FANTASTIC!  However, for those looking to “Keep Going” and become a bone fide VMware “GURU”, you may be interested in getting your VCAP certifications:

VCAP5 – DCD – Data Center Design
VCAP5 – DCA – Data Center Administration

AND, if you are really into obtaining advanced VMware Certifications, checkout the VMware VCDX – VMware Certified Design Expert Certification.   To obtain this certification, you MUST pass both the VCAP DCD and DCA exams — as well as submit and defend a VMware vSphere design.

Currently there are approximately “86” VCDXs on the planet… Here’s the list!

So, let’s kick this off… Here is a listing of the resources I am currently using to study for my VCAPs:

To Get started, you should look at the VCAP5 – Blueprints

Here’s the List! – SO FAR
Cody Bunch’s Brown Bag Sessions
Ray Heffer’s Enterprise Technology Blog

I know this is a “SHORT LIST” — but believe me, these will keep you busy for a good long while…  I plan to make this a “living list” — if you have any suggestions please let me know!

There are ALSO a TON of other great VMware Expert blogs out there — and I will try to create a separate list for my favorites.  However, for this post, we’ll keep it to just VCAP Prep blogs/materials.

Have Fun — Study Hard — Please with Brandon Willmortt (@bdwill) and myself (@wsellers) LUCK, — we’ll need it!

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