Default Services/Daemons on RHEL5

I have noticed that with the default install of Red Hat Linux EL 5 a lot of services/daemons are running that DO NOT need to be. These services can “eat up” resources; and, in some cases, cause stability issues.

Here is the list:
* hidd – Human Interface Daemon for Bluetooth.
* bluetooth – Bluetooth Daemon.
* smartd – Disk Drive monitoring service. Not needed on VM guests.
* cups – Linux printing Daemon.
* ip6tables – IPv6 firewall Daemon. (IF not needed)
* iptables – IPv4 firewall Daemon. (IF not needed)
* avahi-daemon – Facilitates service discovery on a local network, Bonjour, Win-Plug-N-Play.
* libvirtd – Xen virtualization framework. Starts mDNS daemon and DHCP server. PLEASE turn this off.
* rhn-virtualization-host – Xen virtualization framework. PLEASE turn this off.
*** You can view the state of these services by typing:
# chkconfig –list | more
# chkconfig –list | grep
Ex: chkconfig –list | grep cups

You will then see the current state of each service at every run-level.

*** To disable these services type:
# chkconfig off

Ex: chkconfig cups off

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